About Ben

Ben Hart is considered by direct marketing experts to be one of America’s top five direct response copywriters.

He has mailed nearly one billion direct mail letters since 1989, which have delivered more than $600,000,000 to his clients.

Around the turn of the millennium, Ben brought his copywriting skills to the internet where he discovered that the exact same copywriting rules that work for direct mail and offline advertising work on the Internet. If you know the rules of marketing and if you know how to write interesting copy, you will attract an audience, and the money will role in.

Ben has used his copywriting and direct marketing skills to sell just about every kind of product and service and to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for non-profit organizations and causes he cares about.

Ben’s primary copywriting and direct marketing mentor is Richard Viguerie who pioneered direct mail fundraising for non-profit and conservative political causes in the 1960s and 70s.

Before Ben got into the direct marketing business, he wrote speeches for some of America’s best known political figures — including Ronald Reagan, George Herbert Walker Bush, Jack Kemp, Lee Atwater, Charles Colson, Governor Pete Du Pont, and corporate CEOs, including the former Chairman of the Chase Manhattan Bank George Champion.

Ben is the author of five books on marketing, including . . .

  • How to Write Blockbuster Sales Letters
  • Fund Your Cause with Direct Mail
  • Automatic Marketing
  • The Internet Money Explosion
  • How to Write Million-Dollar Advertisements
  • How to Build Your Business with Google AdWords
  • 21 Psychological Triggers that Will Explode Your Sales

And Ben is the author of two non-marketing books — including Poisoned Ivy and Faith & Freedom: The Christian Roots of American Liberty.

Ben wrote Poisoned Ivy (published in 1984) when he was a student at Dartmouth College. The book was a bestseller and was the first book on the “political correctness” problem that has poisoned the intellectual life at America’s top colleges.

Ben’s second book, Faith & Freedom (1988), makes that case that Christianity produced political freedom — that there would likely be no political freedom without Christianity. The book refutes the view propounded by organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union and the liberal-Left that Christianity is someone an enemy of liberty. Ben argues that atheism and militant secularism far more often lead to tyranny — that it is the Judeo-Christian tradition that lifted the rights of the individual above the interests of the state.

Ben’s articles on politics and public policy have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, National Review, Policy Review, and many other publications. Ben has appeared frequently on CNN, FOX News, and other broadcast outlets to talk about politics and comment on current events. But Ben’s real professional love is direct marketing.


“Well, because, when I write a book or write an article, say, for The Wall Street Journal, I really have no idea if my article is having any impact, or even if anyone is even reading what I have to say,” says Ben. “But if I write a direct mail letter, advertisement, or sales page on the Internet, and money starts coming in response to what I’ve written, then I know for certain that what I have written is really striking a chord with people. And if millions of dollars arrives in response to what I’ve written, then I know I’ve tapped into something pretty big that has the prospect of really changing people’s lives, perhaps even changing the world. It takes a lot to write something so powerful that it causes people to take out their checkbook or credit card and send money to someone they don’t even know. I love the challenge of it. I also love what direct response marketing teaches us about human dreams and aspirations. That’s what I love about this field. Direct marketing is about the study of human psychology, human behavior, and what people want in life. It’s science, what Claude Hopkins called ‘Scientific Advertising.’”

Ben has four children (Peter, Victoria, Madi, and Olivia). Ben and his wife Wanda live in La Grange, Illinois — about 20 minutes from downtown Chicago.