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Why People Buy | The Psychology of Closing the Sale

By Ben Hart

You can’t sell without knowing why people buy. I’ve compiled a list here of what I believe are the 18 top reasons driving people to buy.

1) Fear

I would argue this is the #1 motive driving people to buy.

People buy because they fear getting old, fear going broke, fear being left behind. They fear being left out. They fear death. They fear getting sick, fear going to hell, fear being alone. They fear Republicans gaining power, or they fear Democrats gaining power.

They fear the Nazis or Communists gaining power. They fear life is meaningless. They fear failure. They fear their kids won’t amount to anything. They fear being insignificant, not leaving a mark. Fear comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms. Fear is a powerful motivator causing people to buy.

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The Marketing Power of a Great Story | Or How to Write Marketing Messages People Will Never Forget

By Ben Hart

Americans today are hit with more advertising messages than ever. According to some studies, the average American today is hit with more than 21,000 advertising messages per week.

So how do you make your advertising message stand out in the midst of all that noise?

How do you get your prospects and your customers to listen to what you have to say—to stop whatever it is they are doing and pay attention to you?

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The “Law of Polarization” | Narrow is the Gate to Paradise in Direct Marketing

One of my key principles in marketing is that you will never stand alone if you stand for something.

I first discovered how true this principle was when I was a student at Dartmouth College back in the early 1980s. I was one of the very few conservative Republicans on campus at the time.

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