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Ben Hart Interview with Internet Marketer Marlon Sanders on How to Write Great Sales and Marketing Letters

Internet marketing giant Marlon Sanders interviews Ben Hart on how to write sales and marketing letters that bring in the money. Ben credits direct mail marketing pioneer Richard Viguerie for introducing Ben to direct marketing and teaching Ben how to write copy that gets people to pull out their checkbooks and credit cards.

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The All-Important First Line of Your Sales Letter

By Ben Hart

Your first line is the most important line of your sales letter after the headline.

The job of the first line is for it to be interesting enough that your reader wants to read the second line. And you need to get to the point of why your are writing immediately.

Has a salesman ever come to your door and stood there talking with you for minutes without saying why he’s there?

He asks you how you are doing. He talks about the weather. He comments on how nice your house is and how nice your kids are.

You then finally ask, “What are you selling?” . . . if you haven’t slammed the door in his face with an “I’m not interested.”

The reality is, as soon as your readers open your envelope and see your letter, they instantly know they are being pitched—sold something. And they won’t take more than about three seconds to figure out what you’ve got to sell.

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The Nine-Step Formula for Writing a Money-Making Sales Letter

By Ben Hart

A well-constructed sales letter is still the most powerful weapon in a marketer’s arsenal, because a letter allows you to make your sales presentation to thousands of people, or even millions of people, at once . . . without you ever having to leave your office or sofa. These nine rules apply both to old fashioned snail mail and letters you put on the Internet. If you follow these nine rules, your success is pretty well assured . . .

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